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My name is Crystal Elliott, creator of Perfectly Pregnant Mama. I provide maternal wellness resources to help soon to be Mama's (and even new Mama's) and Mother's in postpartum period. I encourage them to educate themselves, I empower them to make their OWN decisions for their body, their baby and their birth and I like to do all of this with empathy. Being in their shoes before and going through my own pregnancy and postpartum journey, I believe women deserve the quality care, information and support that helps them to feel seen, heard and safe! I created a program (The Perfectly Pregnant Mama Course) to help them understand 7 essentials (and more) to help them prepare for both pregnancy and postpartum with as much ease as possible. The seven essentials include village, recovery, autonomy, education, products, boundaries and creating memories. I also collaborate with other businesses and Mother's to discuss all kinds of topics across the board either via social media LIVE events of webinars so that Mama's can educate themselves on several topics to help them during their journey.


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